1. Custom Made Gowns

    Custom Made Gowns

    We believe that a well-made dressing gown is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Often the first and last garments we wear on any given day (sometimes the only one), the right dressing gown can transform our mood - warming, relaxing or inspiring us depending on what we require of it.
  2. Why a made-to-measure suit is a cut above the rest

    Why a made-to-measure suit is a cut above the rest

    Until you have experienced the cut and feel of a made-to-measure (MTM) suit, it can be hard to understand what all the fuss is about. But once you have, it can be very difficult to return to ‘off the peg’.
  3. Our Made-to-Measure Service

    Our Made-to-Measure Service

    Simon Maloney, our Product & Marketing Director, speaks to Jamie Hamilton, our Made to Measure expert, to ask him to explain the process behind this service….
  4. A cut above: Our made-to-measure service

    A cut above: Our made-to-measure service

    Our made-to-measure tailoring service is guaranteed to have you dressed to impress this wedding season
  5. Start Gifting Early

    Start Gifting Early

    We offer a variety of bespoke luxury gown styles that make an exquisite Christmas gift for any discerning gentleman.
  6. Making Your Mark

    Making Your Mark

    Turn your slippers into unique pieces of beautifully crafted footwear, with our bespoke service.