Reyonds Woodcock played by Daniel Day-Lewis
Photos by Annapurna Pictures And Focus Features

It came as no surprise at all, when Mark Bridges was nominated for, and eventually won, the category of Best Costume at the 2018 Oscars. The effortless elegance effected by Reynolds Woodcock (played so impeccably by Daniel Day-Lewis) belies the skill and eye needed to achieve the sharply observed and immaculately curated wardrobe Bridges created for the film’s protagonist.

This representation of English, seemingly nonchalant men’s chic is in stark contrast to the highly disciplined and rigid strictures of the exquisite haute couture Woodcock creates for his doting female devotees. The result however is no less powerful to the beholder.

Woodcock’s wardrobe is relatively small – a heavy tweed coat, a couple of city suits, a tweed jacket and a wool barathea dinner suit but it’s the way it is worn and put together that makes it so remarkable: a soft lilac bow tie adds a subtle sophistication to the classic tuxedo, the slightly oversized tweed jacket worn over a pair of pitch-perfect pyjamas at breakfast, the open necked shirts with cravats, the city suit worn with fuchsia ribbed socks. All items which New & Lingwood carry as a matter of course.

Photos by Jon Gorrigan

Inspired by a 150-year history of dressing the most discerning gentlemen from top to toe, we still source the very best tweeds, flannels, silks and cashmere from the finest mills in England, Ireland, Scotland and Italy, in addition to the finest calf, suede, and cordovan which go to make our benchgrade shoes.

Bridges himself has a very wise piece of advice when it comes to investing in menswear:
“Buy it once, buy it well and never worry about it again”, which is precisely how we approach our collections at New & Lingwood.

Had Reynolds Woodcock existed, New & Lingwood would without doubt be on his list of preferred outfitters.