Photo by New & Lingwood

Glorious Goodwood has become a firm fixture in the gentleman’s social calendar. One might even go so far as to suggest that nowadays it’s the thinking man’s Royal Ascot, an altogether more sophisticated affair, but no less significant in the English sporting season. Thanks to the efforts of its patron Lord March, it has retained its position as a summer festival like no other, synonymous with British taste and style.

Morning dress isn’t necessary, but entry to each of the enclosures carries a dress code and an appreciation of good clothing is required for both ladies and gentlemen – Goodwood has its own innate sense of style, after all. Fortunately, New & Lingwood is here to help. As of this summer, the house is thrilled to announce that it is the Official Style Partner for Glorious Goodwood, here to steer you through all the idiosyncrasies of the festival. Follow this advice and I personally guarantee you’ll be the best dressed fellow at the show.

The Richmond Enclosure is the most formal at Goodwood and requires a jacket and tie, strictly no jeans. This is the space where it’ll pay the most to invest in a polished look. New & Lingwood’s navy Yarmouth blazer is the natural choice. It’s cut in a crisp, summer-weight hopsack woven in Scotland by Lovat and half-canvassed with a clean shoulder-line and waisted silhouette. In other words, it’s a timeless British classic you’ll enjoy wearing again and again once the races are over.

A sky-blue poplin shirt brings the two together and offers an easy foundation for a tie. Try one of their signature skull and crossbones jacquard designs– it’s a classic choice with just a touch of quirkiness. Don’t forget the pocket square either. A mid-blue spotted design will set everything off a treat, remember that pocket squares should always complement your tie, never match it. Don’t agonise over how it sits in your pocket either, Italians fuss over the perfect pocket square, Englishmen should not. And, as a further detail, don’t forgot their nifty mini bow lapel pins which can lift any jacket by adding a little ‘sprezzatura”.

Photos by Helen Mason

That’s your classic look sorted, but what about something with a splash of colour? The various teams at Goodwood all sport colourful kit which has set a precedent for traditional sporting stripes. A collegiate blazer is perfect in this environment and has long been a welcome sight at the races. Try the Taplow striped jacket in navy and pink. It makes an appropriate statement and it’ll have you standing out from the crowd in fine style.

The key to pulling it off is to keep everything else simple. Stick with the blue poplin shirt, navy trousers (again, cavalry twill is a smart choice) and dark tie. Navy grenadine or the skull and crossbones jacquard would both work well here. If sporting stripes are a step too far, this season’s single-breasted flannel jackets are stunning and in a lightweight construction, they’re comfortable to wear in warm temperatures. There is also a royal blue version but the magenta model is particularly fine and feels very ‘Goodwood’.

One final tip, it pays to be prepared for English summer – even in August – so packing a lightweight raincoat is a wise move. New & Lingwood’s contrast single-breasted Macs are made for Goodwood and you can swap between each coat’s sensible and striking side. Every now and then a flash of clash makes for a very British look, the blue and lime green coat in particular is great fun.

Occasions to celebrate British sartorial sensibilities and to enjoy looking your best are few and far between these days, so there really is no excuse not to make the most of the week. Edward VII put it best when he hailed Glorious Goodwood as ‘a garden party with some racing tacked on’, so make sure you’re dressed right royally well for it. If in doubt, pop into the Jermyn Street store, where New & Lingwood’s team will be happy to dispense appropriate style advice. Above all, choose something you’re going to enjoy wearing and don’t be afraid to make a sartorial statement – Goodwood’s just the place for it.